Most of us have worked for companies or agencies that required professional training on a regular basis, to acquire and hone skills which benefitted the organization. Most private investigators are self- employed, and many are not taking advantage of training available to them. They may not understand the value of on-going professional development for themselves and for their staff.

You know the time and effort it took to become a licensed private investigator. It requires a diverse set of skills, skills that were not innate but developed through training and development. You finally get your license and you think “you’re good”, that’s all you need to get yourself up and running. I’m here to tell you, that kind of thinking is going to get you stuck.

Everything in our profession is constantly changing. If you just think about private investigations on a technological level, things are changing and evolving at breakneck speeds. Why would you not keep up? Why would you not want to do everything possible to ensure your success? Training and professional development is an ongoing process and should continue throughout your career.

Professional development allows you to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform at a higher level, increase your productivity and could make you a leader in the field of private investigation. Increased proficiency in the way you run your business could result in financial gain. Training builds confidence and credibility, it re-energizes you. It is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your field.

Some areas where your skills can be enhanced are in the areas of elder abuse; fraud, identity theft, computer crimes, stalking, genealogy and solving cases using DNA. Just turning on the evening news can give you a mountain of ideas on how to enhance your skill set.

If you have staff, don’t forget about getting them the most up to date training possible in the area where their skills enhance your business. They are ALSO the face of your business. Invest in them. Create a training program to strengthen their skills. When they are better, YOU are better.

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