Assisted Reproduction (Post Egg/Sperm Donor Search Services)

Are you the child of Assisted Reproduction?  ‘Guesstimates’ are that 30,000 to 60,000 children a year are conceived through artificial insemination.  Most fertility clinics around the country keep their donor’s information anonymous, but Allen Investigations, using the science of genetic genealogy, may be able to help you reconnect with a biological family member.

The first human ‘sperm bank’ began operation in 1952 in Iowa.  With a number of egg and sperm repositories now operating around the country, and children being told or discovering the nature of their conception, there is often a strong biological connection that is felt, and a wanting to know about the other half of their genetic makeup.


Many donors, as well as their offspring, also feel this connection – and that’s where DNA comes in.  With the millions of people that have tested on and, as well as other sites, we will work to reunite our clients with donors, offspring and half siblings.


Call us for a free telephone consultation.  We have been reuniting families for over 35 years and are committed to helping each new client on their journey to connect.