Civil & Criminal Investigations


Civil and criminal cases are different and are therefore investigated differently.

Civil cases are based on private disputes between individuals or organizations where a party will bring forward a complaint that the other party failed to uphold their legal duty.  The party bringing the action will normally be seeking the completion of the duty and/or compensation for the alleged harm done.  If you are involved in a court case, a civil investigation may be helpful.  Unbiased evidence may be the determining factor in your case.  The Allen Investigations Team can acquire this evidence in a professional and efficient manner.

Criminal cases involve charges formally brought by the government on behalf of the people.  You may need a criminal investigator in the following situations:  if law enforcement efforts did not produce results, to collect evidence for a case, to find and interview witnesses, to gather impartial facts, if surveillance or records searches need to be conducted, or possibly if you need evidence gathered to defend against any charges.

The Allen Investigations Team acquires evidence in a professional, efficient, and timely manner.