Elder Abuse & Fraud


Elder abuse occurs in many different forms, from financial, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to neglect. Many victims are too confused or afraid to tell someone they love of the abuse, in fear of repercussions from the abuser. An elder abuse victim is typically over the age of 60, living independently, disabled and/or not able to handle personal finances on their own.


All 50 states have some type of elder abuse laws.  According to the Administration for Community Living, these laws vary by state, but are in place to help protect the elderly who experience any of the different forms of abuse or neglect.


Laws that are centered around financial abuse concern illegally taking and misusing money, as well as concealing property, assets and funds that belong to an elderly individual.  These assets are then used for the abuser’s benefit.  While elder abuse is typically underreported, the yearly financial loss is estimated to be $2.6 billion dollars.

Statistics show that 2 out 3 victims of elder abuse are women, and that 2 out of 5 victims are over the age of 80, but no one is immune.  Elder abuse can affect seniors across all socio-economic groups, cultures, and races.

If you suspect an elderly person you know and love is being abused, taken advantage of or neglected, call Allen Investigations right away for a consultation. We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the abuse and uncover vital information about the abuser.

The health and safety of the victim is of the upmost importance.  The elderly have a basic right to live out the remainder of their lives with dignity, respect and free from the fear of abuse or neglect.  Call Allen Investigations if you suspect that you, or a loved one is in need of assistance.