Seymour Fenichel Baby selling

Authorities arrest four in baby selling scheme

Were you born in Arizona and Attorney Seymour Fenichel involved in your adoption?

Update — A lawyer named Seymour Fenichel facilitated the adoption of babies born in Arizona from 1984–1990. During that time, he employed his daughter lawyer Deborah Fenichel Greenspan, Harriet Lauer, and her husband, Lawrence, all of New York City. In 1989, all were indicted in a 144 count indictment, which alleged that they arranged illegal adoptions for about 100 couples, and fifty couples wound up with infants between 1983 and 1988 it is estimated. Many Fenichel’s paid clients claimed while awaiting a child to adopt, they were told that the mother had changed her mind or miscarried, and they would not receive a refund hence the fraudulent charges.
I’ve investigated several of Fenichel’s finalized Arizona adoptions. The searches initiated by either the adoptee, adopting parents, or the biological family. What I learned with those searches was that the babies were born at Humana Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, and adopted into families living in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. A frequent delivery physician in Arizona was Lee Yosowitz, who may or may not have been the connection to Seymour Fenichel to notify him of a baby available for adoption in Arizona. Child Haven of Northeastern Pennsylvania was the adoption facility involved in many of these adoptions. That’s not to say there were other hospitals, doctors and lawyers included in other Fenchicel adoptions in Arizona.
Adoptions are to be finalized in the state where the adopting parents resided at the time of adoption. If the baby was born in the State of Arizona, a Confidential Intermediary such as my self authorized by a Division of the Arizona Supreme Court can obtain the original birth certificate. A confidential intermediary can obtain the birth mother and possibly the birth father’s names and information. At this time, a Confidential Intermediary cannot release the original birth certificate to the client. Still, we can use the information on that original birth certificate to locate the birth family or the adopted person to see if they would like mutual contact. for more information and to help you with your post-adoption search and reunion. Debra Allen, Arizona Confidential Intermediary #30402, The Busy P.I.

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